Digital product designers and marketers can help people to cope with the world’s new reality

In times of stress and uncertainty, as the entire world is experiencing now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our perception of life transforms. Facing the fragility of life is one of the scariest thoughts imaginable, and this global event is changing how we perceive reality and make decisions. It changes what we deem to be important and shifts our broader priorities and goals.

Psychological changes in times of crisis and uncertainty have far-reaching implications for digital product design. Today, digital products accompany our lives more than ever and can help fulfill our needs and even improve our wellbeing.

One of the main changes that occur to our psychology when we face a global health crisis is a change in our “Time horizon”, which is the subjective perception of how much time we have left to…

Marina Shapira, P.h.D

Senior UX researcher @ Oracle. Passionate about connecting behavioral science and user research.

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