Compounding Positive Habits - The Deliberate Practice of Consistency Activates Your Quantum Brain.

Remember the wise words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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Deep learning and deep work are easy and effortless if you want them to be. The choice is yours. Take a neutral and mindful journey into the center of yourself. Immerse yourself and feel into your mind, body and nervous system. As you are doing this, observe the mental, emotional and physical habits that you have created in your life. How do you feel your body and in your nervous system? Is there constriction or expansion?

Some people are…

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The most beautiful and precious byproduct of the power of Positive Passion is that it guilds a deep golden path of gratitude in our lives. Journeying on this voyage a person is able to dive into the infinite gentle, nurturing pond of self love and self care, empowering the regulating dance of the happy joyous gene expression, inviting balanced health into one’s life on a cellular DNA level.

Some of the essential indispensable ingredients of manifesting the ultimate lifestyle of health and happiness are having an organic aptitude for gratitude, appreciation, pleasure, joy and working towards our dreams, our goals.

Decoding | Recoding The Connection of Disconnection And Loneliness

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The most precious commodities on this planet are our health, love, and happiness. Regardless of what we accomplish and accumulate in life, we are unable to take it with us.

In the fast paced, consumer driven, social media shared world that we live in today, success and happiness are often defined by the status of what we achieve, and the value of the things that we own.

Everywhere we look, we are inundated with the same message: the measure of our self-worth is directly equal to the measure of our material…

Actively & Dynamically Engaging Your Quantum Brain.

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Today life in the business world is fast paced, we have to be able to turn on a dime, think and react quickly like a Formula One racing car driver trying to avoid a crash. Life zooms by at lightning speed and it’s a blur. Tension and strain builds up as the brain drain commences as we glance at our list of goals that we have to, and want to accomplish. Our senses are in overload. Our mental bandwidth has short fused and we are depleted. …

Science Shows How Healthy And Happy Lifestyles Impact Key Element of Cellular Aging

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“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” — Frank Lloyd Wright

Less than a few generations ago it was the common belief that the coming age of technology would make life simpler and easier, freeing us from the drudgery of mundane personal tasks, automating work, and heralding in a new age of economic progress and individual freedom.

So confident in the benefits of technology were we, that many of the predictions back then sounded much more like actual promises, leaving us all to expect that the many high tech tools and trendy personal gadgets coming our way would…

I learnt very early on in life to become the master of my mind instead of my mind mastering me.

Why you may ask?

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. — Buddha

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One of the most potent sacred rituals that I do to live my life authentically, consciously and mindfully, that puts me back into “taking charge mode” is use the alchemy of my heart. As I stir the cauldron of my heart, I am able to listen to the legendary heroine that is resting dormant inside me that has been waiting to be reactivated with my…

You Are Worthy of Self Worth Ensure It With Quantum Consciousness

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Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the worthiest of us all? The answer to this question is you. Yet sometimes your answer will depend on how you are feeling! Is your vision distorted? Can you see clearly? Which part of you is looking in the mirror? Is it your Inner Critic looking? What mood are you in? Can you hear correctly? These are just a few things to take into consideration.

The super soulful Oprah Winfrey stated, “Over the years, I’ve interviewed thousands of people, most of them…

On micro and macro level for our world.

His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama once said, ‘Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.’

We live a world where in a push of a button we can see, feel and hear the truth of what is going on globally. At times depending on our sensitivity we can also smell the truth and taste the truth. All of it is overwhelming!

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As a global village we are unified by our spiritual molecules along with our beating hearts, and our traveling souls that weave threads of love, hope and compassion.

More than ever it is time…

Quantum Creativity-Taking Leaps In Life And Work: Become The Curator of Your Positive Love and Passion Genes

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Having love, delight and devotion in our lives offers us sensational gratification that vibrates and pulsates throughout our bodies. Our energy is flowing and we are glowing. We radiate and automatically activate the Positive Love Gene.

The Positive Love Gene:

The Positive Love Gene™ is a state of being where our genes are in an expanded healthy state of love, passion, pleasure, desire, happiness, joy, bliss, optimism and exhilaration. Just imagine your cells resonating in this positive charged frequency of coherence. Now envision each cell communicating with one another, galvanizing that energy and funneling it into your life and work…

Formula For Success For Your Quantum Brain and Health

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The greatest wealth in the world is your health. You can be rich and financially independent with millions or billions of dollars, with trophy buildings, properties worldwide, your own private islands, luxury yachts and jets — yet none of them equate to being healthy.

Ask any person who is ill and they will tell you there is nothing in life that is more valuable than good health. Health is worth more than all the riches in the world. …

Marina Rose, QDNA®

Founder, QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration®, a revolutionary new technique for quantum growth in health, life and business.

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