So it is possible this is all pre planned and understood.
Victoria Clancy

Taking Control Of Our Health

I believe we are in control of our own sleep. We are just living in times where people are admired and at times rewarded for sleeping very little. I know for me to function at my optimum level I need my 8 hours of sleep. You have to find out how much sleep you need so you can function at your best. We all have different needs when it comes to our health and sleep. What works for me may not work for you.

We must take control of our health, part of doing this is making sure we sleep enough and sleep well. What I wrote in the article was, “regular sleep deprivation is also an underlying issue that can promote a multitude of ailments including, Irregular Heartbeat, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Hypertension — High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Diabetes 2, Obesity, Increased production of Cortisol — also know as the Stress Hormone, Impaired Judgment, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Mental Distress, Forgetfulness and Memory Loss.” It also dilutes and deteriorates our cognitive performance. That is why I call it a weapon of mass destruction to our health.

When I get exhausted, I get distracted, things can get very distorted in my mind and I am unable to focus. That’s all I am saying. I also witness this in most of my clients who are unwell.

I am very fortunate to be able to take care of myself before everything gets out of hand. The first thing that I do is sleep and then I take my cues from my body of what I need to do next.

When a person is born healthy and then they become chronically ill, I believe that they have missed a lot of signals and cues in their body to become chronically ill. So in essence, yes, they have given away their power.

Lots of Love,