I gave up on Facebook and replaced it with Medium
Andre Bohrer

Discard Interruptions

I don’t believe Medium fills the void Facebook leaves behind. It cannot — it is a totally different platform with a different end.

However, Medium does present a wonderful and purposeful alternative to wasting time spent vainly scrolling through a custom algorithm of frivolous stupidity and cats. The feedback loop is intended to suck you in. But reading is finite. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This quickly decaying feedback loop is probably Medium’s greatest weakness (and challenge), but it is also that crucial feature that makes it amazing. I applaud purpose.

Protip: Absolutely kill all of Facebook’s notifications or delete the app off your phone completely. But open up your profile, leave messenger running— make everything public, and post only when you want loved ones to see important things. Use it to network communicate about serious things, but otherwise spend very little time on it. I don’t anymore.

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