No more hearts — we’re clapping now.

Is Medium switching from hearts to claps?*

Picture of the clapping hands.

I just logged on to see most articles with “clapping hands” instead of hearts (see left).

  1. My guess is this was tested (or I’m currently being tested) after launching the mobile only “series” where they found more people engage and interact with clapping hands than hearts. Fair enough.
  2. You can clap multiple times. How will this affect post reach? Do more important claps matter than less important claps? Is the algorithm now Reddit-ized?
  3. And how do I UNCLAP? I still haven’t figured that out. I’m stupidly sitting here clapping more times just trying to delete my claps.
  4. CLAP THE HELL OUT OF THIS POST because, why not? You can.


*edit: my other Medium account informs me that I am — in fact — being tested. Favorites are still the norm for most people. So maybe you won’t be able to clap for me. How sad.

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