Tapping Out of the Abortion Debate (For Now)
Ericka Andersen

Thanks for this, Ericka. My wife and I have also struggled with this over the years, with many painful weekends in the cold spent praying and counseling vulnerable girls away from the clinic. Thinking it was her calling, Libby suffered through two pro-life nonprofits and exited each with even greater despair for the movement than before. We did the same.

However, you are right. We are winning this. But I’ve often thought that perhaps what we need is less trench warfare. Having our first child has put this issue in an entirely new light. I’m sure you’ve noticed the same.

In my view, this nation doesn’t suffer a dearth of body-part videos. It lacks a fundamental understanding, taught at the earliest stages of childhood. Not even of the value of life — no, that is inherent — but of duty, generosity, and responsibility; the very qualities that tools like contraception, Plan B, and abortion erase in the pursuit of pleasure, laziness, and vanity.

When I’m with other parents, we speak of things that no childless individual could possibly understand. We say, “Yep. I could kill him. Kill him, run away and never look back.” We say these things and laugh over good bourbon because parenting is insane — no one denies that. In fact, I’ve never had a greater appreciation for poor, single, unwed women in my life. We barely get anything done with a good income and a warm home.

But how anyone could look at my John Michael and say, “you’re worthless. I’d rather you be dead so I can Netflix and chill and finish my degree.

That’s something that cannot be unlearned by a few videos, a news-cycle or legislation. Keep praying.

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