Breaking the Lock:
Alex B

The problem is not so simple.

“The RNC platform committee refused to take a neutral stance on gay marriage or add in language condemning ISIS murder of gays and lesbians in the Middle East, despite a heartfelt pleading from an openly lesbian committee member.”

There is much work to be done in regards to softening the language Republicans use on any demographic we disagree with, most especially proponents of same sex marriage. Condemning those ISIS murders shouldn’t even be a question. However, it should be made clear that merely being anti-LGBT does not make one bigoted, as there exists a plethora of good reasons to oppose these issues.

While you can definitely encourage inclusion and understanding — as Pope Francis says, having encounters with human beings instead of using them or degrading them — you will never be able to propel a Roman Catholic like myself into quietly embedding policies supporting same sex marriage into daily life.

To use a softer metaphor: no matter what pragmatic consensus society arrives at (or Republicans, for that matter), Catholics will never be “neutral” or accept a definition of no-fault divorce. Not only is divorce regarded as a sin, but it destroys families, hurts children, divides economics interests and encourages a misunderstanding of vocation, marital life, and the soul. How can you reproach reasons like these and say, “poppycock, just embrace it?

You can’t. That’s the problem.

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