My Mission: Consume Less, Produce More

For way too long I’ve been a consumer of a lot of online content and I have not really produced that much content. I hope to change this!

Over the years I’ve really consumed a lot of content, everything from books, to online articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. I wouldn’t say I’ve stopped this, but I’ve come to the realization that just consuming content and not producing content will only take you so far.

Over the last few years, I have produced some content for myself, but not as much as I would have liked. Some time back I had thought about starting a blog, but that didn’t get very far — I basically wrote one post and left it at that.

Now, there’s not really too much wrong with the fact that I’ve been more of a consumer of content rather than a producer of content. In fact the number of people that consume content far outnumber the number of people who produce content, so I’m not alone in that and there are many, many more people in that same situation.

However, I have now reached the point where I feel that I’ve been a consumer for far too long and this is going to change — I hope! I often have so much that I want to say or share, but I haven’t actually done anything about it, until now!

As part of the plan, I’ll try not to share trivial stuff and I plan to frequently share things that provide value to everyone who consumes my content. There may occasionally be a random post, but I want those to be far outnumber by valuable content.

How is this going to happen? Well… I plan on using Medium for any long form content that I want to share. I may also occasionally post some longer content on my Facebook page.

Shorter content will feature on my Twitter profile and on my Facebook Page. I’m also hoping to find ways of sharing valuable content on Instagram — I’m not a photographer and my photos are not necessarily providing my value at the moment.

I’ve also recently joined Snapchat and still have hope of finding a way to providing value on there too. At the moment I’m still trying to figure out how and it may end up being a more random, behind the scenes platform, but lets see what happens there.

As far as podcasts and video content goes… at the moment I have no plan at all to produce podcasts, but you never know. As far as video content goes — at this point I don’t plan on doing any on YouTube although I may play around with video content on the various social media platforms, but YouTube is something that I may also move into at a later stage.

I’m trying to make this change. From now on, I’m hoping to consume less content and to produce more content. I’m also hoping to add value with my content.

Lets see how it goes…

Until next time!

Mario Leitao

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