What Do You REALLY Want?!?

Few things in life are as important as your intentions. What I mean by that is what are you really trying to achieve—REALLY what is it, at the core?!?

The reason I bring this up is because few people take the time to discover and ask the necessary questions to peel back the onion enough to get to the core.

I talk to people about their goals, purpose, and passions on a daily basis and I commonly hear things like: “I’d like to make more money” or “I’d like to lose some weight” or “I’d like more free time” or “I’d like to take more vacations” etc.

What do all of those things plus other common goals that people think they have have in common? They’re all natural consequences of other things.

For example, if your goal is to make more money—what you REALLY should be focusing on is providing more value. Money is a natural consequence of providing value.

You can make some quick cash selling the shirt off your back, but you only have so many shirts and it’s by no means life changing. If you want to create a sustainable consistent increase in your income, then you need to stop focusing on getting money and start focusing on providing value.

If your goal is to lose some unwanted pounds—what you REALLY should be focusing on is living a healthier overall lifestyle. Weight loss is a natural consequence of wellness.

You can lose a few pounds quickly with the latest fad or by depriving yourself and cutting calories, but if you do it in an unhealthy manner you are adding to what is a serious already developed issue. In that case it’s only a matter of time before either the pounds come back or worse—your health declines further in other areas.

If you instead focus on living an overall healthier lifestyle, not only will you lose the extra pounds but you’ll create a sustainable change through developing new good habits that will last for the longterm.

Health/wellness is the most important thing we can focus on. Time is our most valuable asset, however we can only leverage and enjoy our time if our health is good and our energy is high.

If your goal is to take more vacations—then you really need to create more time balance in your life, and possibly some additional income. In that case, your real goal is to develop habits that will provide more value while at the same time allowing you to mobile.

How can you provide more value from anywhere in the world and get paid accordingly to do that? Opportunities exist everywhere around us, the key is being resourceful enough to recognize and take action to take full advantage of those opportunities.

In order to do that though, you have to first know what it is that you’re really looking for—it’s easy to miss a shooting star if you’re focused on the ground.

A good habit to develop is asking more questions than you think are necessary, and asking them of both yourself and others. There’s no such thing as asking too many questions, but asking too few questions is very real and seems to even be a current trend.

Ask yourself: “What do I want?” and then follow that up immediately with “What do I REALLY want?” Once you have those answers keep digging and going further than you think you need to until you come to the real core of what you are searching for.

I like to use a whiteboard, paper and pen is just as effective, and physically draw out a diagram or progressive path of where I’m really trying to go.

Actually seeing what it is in my head on the board or paper makes a huge difference. It helps you see things from a different perspective and organize ideas in a visual manner.

Deploy whatever method works best for you, but the point is:

To get where you want to be you have to know where you REALLY need to go.

It’s all about focusing on the long game and not looking for that quick fix. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fast results. However, I’m also for sustainable results.

You can create change and create results in an instant, but you have to do it in a healthy sustainable way that can be practiced on a consistent basis to maintain those results.

Focus on what you REALLY want and let the natural consequences of your actions and habits create your desired lifestyle.

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