How to Start a Restaurant Business Successfully by Mario Villegas

Starting up a new business is an uphill task for any entrepreneur, and it can be even more difficult if you are going to launch yourself in hospitality business as there is a lot of work to do here! “A restaurant is recognized not only by the food it serves, but also the quality of service and ambience available therein, because these are the basic things customers look for”, according to Mario Villegas, President of Twilium Management Group. Seems simple enough, but the owner must step into the shoes of his customers to find out what they actually expect and this will take them a long way on the road to establishing a successful restaurant business.

Here are some tips which can help you start a restaurant business successfully:

Plan the Layout

Mario Villegas Seattle advises budding restaurateurs about the importance of planning a layout and design of his upcoming restaurant. It would be good for looking for original ideas than imitating an existing place as the design is the first thing which attracts the customers to your place. The main areas to be looked after are the color scheme and interior design of the restaurant, while the entry area and dining area need to be focused on. However, you must not ignore the backspace, rest rooms and storage area.

Accessorize Well

Besides being careful about the layout, you also need to make sure that your place is well accessorized with matching and comfortable furniture, which makes the place look good. The dinnerware, utensils and kitchen accessories should be modern and tasteful as the food needs to look good, besides tasting good. The place should be at the right temperature and the lighting should also give a welcoming appearance to the place.


While you choose the venue of your upcoming restaurant, you need to ensure that the place is easily navigable and reachable for customers from all over the place. It should also be easy to reach and available on GPS maps, so that more and more people, whether from the city or tourists or business travelers, are able to locate it and reach it.


In the words of Mario Villegas, service is as important as the décor and food quality available at the restaurant. Make sure that the staff you recruit is courteous and friendly. The food should be served hot and fresh and each customer should be treated in a special manner, so that he comes back again and again.


Just like some people judge a book by its cover, a menu plays a key role in developing an impression about the restaurant. It should be attractive yet simple and easy to comprehend, carrying all the requisite information along with clearly mentioned price list.


Like all other businesses, the success of a budding restaurant business greatly depends upon the right marketing, as people need to come here first to get the taste of what you are offering. Online marketing and reservation, social media and newspaper ads and free templates can be some good marketing ideas to introduce your restaurant to the potential customers.

In the end, being patient is the most important tip for a new restaurateur. If you are offering quality food and services, customers are bound to pour in sooner or later!

By Mario Villegas Seattle

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