Kristi Coulter

I am a 60 year old male who grew up in a family of alcoholics. As the only non-alcoholic, reading your story was quite entertaining and quite illuminating. My family always seemed in crisis mode. They had plenty of money for alcohol/drugs but were always calling for help to pay their bills. Sometimes I helped, sometimes I didn’t. But each time they called, I tried to move my chair further away from the deep end. Last year my brother died, he fell getting out of the shower, he was drunk. He had three adult children a wife an ex-wife and yet I had to fly 2000 miles and pay for his funeral and clear up his debits. I would gladly do this as his brother but most of my time was spent fielding complains from family members with wine glasses in their hand angry about how I wasn’t doing enough to meet there needs. Too much craziness for me, the most joyous moment was when I saw my car in the Airport parking lot and knew my home wasn’t far away. I loved your story.

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