Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved
Joshua Topolsky

Excellent post!! I’m wondering what you think about how we will fund journalism going forward. Whether it’s non-profit models, venture capital or ownership by tech billionaires, I know there’s no silver bullet solution. I, for one, just finished at Al Jazeera America, where we were trying to create the quality journalism that you write about here, many of us disillusioned by the clickbait and/or infotainment we’d had to spew out at other outlets. But we were also at the mercy of the Qatari government, who shuttered AJAM just as quickly as they rolled us out. Clearly our company had management and branding problems that stretched beyond just doing great content, not to mention that no one watches live TV anymore. But when it came down to it, very few people were interested in watching what was — by most accounts — really excellent material. At our website, where I worked, we built up a more sizable audience, but that still wasn’t enough. As I figure out my next move/whether I can find a job in the biz that I can stomach — I refuse to churn out listicles, for one — I’m interested in hearing more about what you’re working on.

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