Post-Offer Musings

I am in the lucky 1% of individuals who apply and receive an offer from the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

I remember receiving the offer call from one of the partner’s who had interviewed me earlier that afternoon; he was my fourth and final interviewer and the whole hour with him I felt like our conversation resonated really well in both the behavioural and case. I took the call when I was having dinner with a group of friends, many who like myself were also interviewing with other consulting firms in the upcoming week. Of course I was excited and happy when I was told the good news but in some ways, everything about it was anti-climatic. It was a culmination of a year’s worth of stress and hard work, pouring my heart out into developing thoughtful leadership experiences and stories that I could share and learning how to communicate insights and analyses in a structured manner (I don’t think my way of thinking has truly changed, more so my ability to speak in a way that comes across as very structured was something I practiced).

To let them know of my win, I later called my parents, my sister who was sleeping in the middle of the night halfway across the world in Germany, and my friends who had supported me so much throughout the whole process. A kind suggestion was given to me from someone who had just started her own career in consulting:

Remember how good it feels right now to have that offer in hand after all your hard work and dedication. Bottle up that feeling for later when work will get unbearably tough… and it will.

Unfortunately, my little bottle of delight seemed to have already escaped. But that’s alright because I’m the kind of person who constantly plans for milestones and once a destination is reached, I quickly move on to conquer the next.

A month later and I’ve been back in Vancouver for a while settling into the rhythms of my last fall semester in undergrad. I will be returning twice to Toronto next month: first for the McKinsey Celebration Event where I will get to meet many of the consultants and partners in the office and all my incoming peer class and again for the Public-Private Partnerships Conference where I will get to hear from industry leaders in the P3 sphere in Canada. Then, I will be going to Melbourne to compete at the Australian Undergraduate Business Case Competition and spending my December visiting places in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps all this wonderful travelling is preparing me for the consultant lifestyle.