Marine Maintenance is Evolving, Are You

2015 WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair Conference highlights proactive technology

2015 WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair Conference Exhibitor Hall on the final day.

In case you missed it, the first annual 2015 WorkBoat Maintenance and Repair Conference (April 14–16th) went off last week with subtle enthusiasm. Let me share with you my observations — This conference for all obvious reasons had a different vibe than the December WorkBoat Show; attention wasn’t distracted by mountainous exhibitor booths or commercial boat designs trophied throughout the halls. This conference was personable, intimate and the conversations had purposeful focus on- efficiency and costs-savings.

These professionals in attendance discussed EPA Tier 4 regulations, big data analytics monitoring, preventative maintenance and workforce development. Many will nod to this statement, ‘the Marine Industry is slow to adopt technology that enhances productivity’ but this conference demonstrated that the industry conversation is evolving. The margins are becoming smaller for Influencers, therefore, increasing demand for rapid support, product efficiency and consistency is demanding a new norm. Early adopters that implement technology-based solutions into their business processes will undoubtedly excel.

At this present moment, either your organization is a player or a spectator as the Marine Industry begins to implement more software technology solutions to cut hardware costs, drive employee efficiency and ultimately boost margins because decisions are now intelligently responsive. Blending software-hardware technology is mostly taken for granted but already exists in our everyday lives, look at the Automotive and Aerospace Industry as pillars of direction.

Hop in my hypothetical Delorean and let’s take a look into the future of the Marine Industry through the perspective eyes of these companies elevating the norm.

  • Sinex — is a complete web-based solution that will help manage and maintain any asset throughout its lifecycle. This platform is a complete vessel management solution giving operators world wide access to vessels 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Helm Operations — has two software products. Helm Dispatch Manager™ provides harbor services industry with comprehensive administrative, management and communications tools. Helm CONNECT is a software tool for preventive maintenance and compliance.
  • CAT Marine Asset Intelligence — Yeah, from the guys & gals that build yellow engines — a comprehensive vessel monitoring and data analytics software suite for the remote monitoring and diagnostics of more than 65 on-board systems as well as the expertise to provide meaningful recommendations to ship owners.

The advancement of hardware in the form of equipment we design into systems and the tools we utilize to build and repair Marine vessels is on par with competing industrial sectors. Now, the challenge is on the old guard to embrace communication through the form of cloud-based software and big analytics to make intelligently-responsive decisions. Proactive software solutions are here and they’ll only get better; software is allowing organizations to stay ahead of hardware failures. Remember, the iphone was released June 29th 2007.

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How would you describe your organization: ‘Innovator, ‘Early Adopter’, ‘Late Adopter’ or a ‘Laggard’? What type of software or cloud-based technology do you utilize daily? Where do you envision the direction of the Shipbuilding and Marine Industry? Share your thoughts.

Chris Stuckey — Grew up along the banks of the Ohio River in Indiana. At 18 yo, moved to New Orleans to study Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering at the University of New Orleans and worked as a NAME in the Marine Industry. Today, Stuckey is the CEO and Founder of His mission is to help network Marine Industry professionals and streamline communication efficiency for businesses excited about the future success of the Shipbuilding Industry.