How do I fly mother?

These whispering leaves always beckon me to soar my wings,

Deepening in the clouds and thriving into its might.

Do you care if I take a flight?

And dive into my dreams tonight.

Do you care if this dream comes true?

And believe in me when I say that it was all that I want.

I do want to fly out of this bright window.

It gives me hope to see those tales you told me as a kid.

Remember that I always hopped out of the room,

Like a silence and you caught me climbing up the tree.

So, today when I see the wind call my name,

I want to go.

Not farther from you, but closer to my dreams,

that you knit in my mind, like the harmony of breezy chimes.

So I soar and I fly, even though you are worried tonight.

For, it was always my love for the whiteness in clouds that made me cry.

Cry for a brighter white and smile for a deeper blue of the sky.

So come mother, make me your tale that you’d narrate to yourself.

As the mother of the fierce flying girl, only nurtured in your lap.