Retirement Locations with the Best Weather

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Retirement should be the best time of your life. And to accomplish that, you want to retire in a climate that you can thrive in. Harsh winters can be dangerous and limiting for older individuals. In addition to that, many people want to live in a place where you can go outside and enjoy the weather for most of the year.

The US is a large country with great geographic diversity. You can find nearly every type of biome somewhere in the country. Whether you prefer tropical climates, wide-open plains, thick wintry forests, or shimmering deserts, there are multiple areas of the US open to you.

When you look for places with the best weather, the first thing to check is the temperature. The most pleasant places have January temperatures that are above freezing combined with July temperatures that are lower than 90 degrees.

Oregon boasts one of the most temperate climates in the US. The winters tend to have average temperatures of around 40 degrees, while the summers tend to be in the 70s and 80s. In Astoria, Oregon, there’s an even lower average summer temperature of less than 70 degrees.

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a great option if you want to retire in an urban area with mild winters and hot summers. Keep in mind that during heat waves, the temperatures can soar to more than 90 degrees. You might also see a snowstorm or two in December or January, but the snow tends to melt within days. That makes it great for people who like diverse weather patterns but don’t want severe weather.

In North Carolina, there’s a coastal string of islands called Cape Hatteras. If you dream of retiring on an island, these are gorgeous options. They have warm winters and cool summers due to the ocean’s wind, with the temperatures being even milder than on the North Carolina mainland.

If you’re a fan of classic architecture and thriving culture, you might want to look at Charleston, South Carolina. This area is the oldest city in the state, and the temperatures tend to stay moderate throughout the year. The summers are often wet and humid, and you will typically see thunderstorms.

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