This Country’s Average Life Expectancy Just Surpassed 90 Years Old
Shelby Lorman

Shelby, thanks for highlighting this — the type of news that’s relevant to literally 100% of us.

I agree that “access to healthcare” is one negative differentiator for the US vs. many other developed nations. However, it also seems to me that Americans are self-inflicting more “lifestyle” diseases on ourselves than are other countries.

The top 10 causes of death last year in the US include heart disease, cancer, chronic lung problems, stroke, and diabetes. All of these, to varying degrees of course, are reducible via better nutrition, exercise and stress-management habits.

So in addition to prioritizing the problem “how can we Americans, in a commonwealth spirit, improve health care?”…I believe we also need to keep searching for more effective answers to the question “how can we move beyond the ‘educate and implore’ model of health/wellness evangelism, to the next level of effectiveness?

I realize that your focus, and Thrive Global’s, is this very thing — keep up the good work!

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