Can governments offer a superior alternative to global digital cryptocurrencies?

The last major democracy-enhancing disruption seems to have been the smartphone, although it merely extends the existing technological infrastructures into your hand. The disruption of existing markets is not often a democracy-enhancing endeavor anymore. It seems as if the majority of new technological innovations involve software that is actually increasing wealth inequality because the incentive to create a new technological innovation is now primarily driven by wealth generation for or from the wealthy. Today’s new major software innovations are leading to gig-economies, rent-seeking, and precarious living, while existing networks that…

As big media companies push news articles about crypto touting revolutionary innovation, and while news aggregators like Google include crypto-news and ads in their feeds, people are trying to financially empower themselves using fun and cool-sounding cryptocurrencies with celebrity endorsements that they hardly know anything about (think top sports figures, entrepreneurs, and influencers that are all over social media feeds). As potential solutions are being drafted by the U.S. Federal Reserve to create better digital currencies like a Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC, other cryptocurrencies are eroding existing systems in the meantime. A more empowering CBDC is needed sooner…

Understanding the responsibility that comes with the cultural acceptance of participating within systems of money and trade.

I have written to some very wealthy people who spend their time feeling empty, unable to feel happy, wondering why they feel that way. One individual was seriously stating there is nothing left to live for when I intervened.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little money one has, one fact remains: In order for your own life to be truly fulfilling, one must help others obtain freedom.

But what is freedom, today? It’s become a buzzword. Let’s use another word instead…

UBI is an idea with an ideal goal, not an ideology. A proper understanding of UBI brings many ideologues to the same table.*

Is UBI Capitalist? No. But…

In Capitalism, the ownership of tools and software tools, machinery, processes, and contractual labor allows individuals to claim profits that those methods of production produce. Other aspects of Capitalism include: voluntary exchange (trade), competitive (free) markets, and private (not government) property.

With UBI, are any of the above restricted? No. In fact, in India, when people were provided with a foundational income they purchased machinery, some started new businesses and collected profits, and they could finally save a portion of their income to invest. This increased voluntary trade and competition with new entrants to the market as barriers to entry

Democracy is fragile. If just one foundation is missing, the ropes of democracy can stretch, weaken, and break.

If we want real stability and real progress we must put in place the four foundations everywhere on Earth. #4FTL

What are the four foundations of true liberty?

Universal Healthcare = Everyone is ensured the freedom of a healthy life, giving them more time to focus on what is important to them.

Universal Basic Income = Everyone is ensured the freedom of an income floor that eradicates poverty and encourages innovation, giving them more time to focus on what is important to them.

Universal Education = Everyone is ensured the freedom to learn, to understand, and to participate, giving them more time to focus on what is important to them and the rest of society.

Universal Library (Free and Open Internet) = Everyone is ensured access to knowledge…

● 1. UBI stands for Unconditional/Universal Basic Income.

What people don’t understand is that there are many ways and means to fund UBI. The biggest and most important way to fund UBI is through the will of the public. To put it simply, if enough people wish to eradicate poverty, it can and will be done.

If you don’t have a solid understanding of what a foundational income floor like UBI is, please read this first:

The question “Where does the money come from?” is nothing more than a display of misunderstanding of public demand and at worst a delay toward actual progress being made.

When it first began, the “ways and means” committee was originally about funding government spending for what is necessary and required. It has now become “ways and means” of protecting the interests of a tiny few while ‘old generation’ words like “means-tested” have become prejudiced neoliberal terms.

The word ‘committee’ is…

If you are aware of many big issues and how they are related, do you want them to just keep getting worse while someone else perpetuates them for profit? Or do you speak up—however you can?

We like to use the internet to keep track of trends, connect the dots and see how different things are related.

My own trend-watching started with futurism and a fascination of /r/futurology updates. I curated a list: “Big Thoughts & Breakthroughs”. The idea was to keep track of any new major step forward for civilization, it was quite astonishing! It inspired me to compile this video.

But one day all those inspiring updates came to a halt. I began to see that
the issues facing our society and humanity were starting to outweigh progress. …

UBI is T.R.U.E. — Trust, Respect, Understanding, and Empathy

(UBI) is a combination of related ideas that can be introduced as public policy or adopted by society by way of constitution.

It is only considered UBI when all the features of UBI are in action.
In this way it is a very specific and simple idea.

The Basic Income Earth Network defines UBI as: “A basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.” — it has five characteristics:
1. Periodic: It is paid at regular intervals (for example every month), not as a one-off grant. 2. Cash…

This beautiful Photo by JBX is a work of art— A westward view of “A-PANL-03” (Automotive — “automotríz”) train from Pantaco, a part of the Mexican federal district. The train is run by the Kansas City Southern de México railway. There is a big railroad terminal, to Nuevo Lardeo, on the US border, meaning that most or all of the cars are going to the USA, and that most carry automobiles or automobile parts. This particular railroad line is a main artery of commerce in Mexico. | Support JBX on

Below is an excerpt from a much longer essay on the importance of ensuring everyone has a foundational income floor such as Universal Basic Income. This excerpt focuses on Art & Creativity and how culturally we don’t *but we really should* value and respect Art & Creativity much much more. I believe UBI would be a large shift that changes the cultural definition of success for a large amount of people, leading to far more Respect & Dignity for people who focus on creative work (and everyone else).

See some basic income studies over here.

After the excerpt I will…


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