Blab or Periscope for Your Job Search?

2 Apps to Help You Connect with Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Referrers

If you haven’t heard or seen Blab or Periscope, then read this article by Jessica Miller-Merrell as she shares how a job seeker can use it for his or her job search. She inspired this article and recent episode of “The Voice of Job Seekers” podcast this week. It will also give you a context for this article.

Listen to this week’s show with Miller-Merrell.

The struggle to create a personal brand online is real. You can no longer wait to close on one opportunity and look for the next. Your value must be apparent, and proof must be ready for consumption to maintain continuous strings of career opportunities.

The common mistake job seekers universally make to look for jobs for the now. Many lack consideration for his or her career trajectory, and not looking ahead five or ten years ahead. I’ll admit it is difficult to look far ahead understand what could change tomorrow. It is likely that people will have 10+ jobs or more in their lifetime. Millenials will likely have 20+ jobs especially if you consider the rate of their job satisfaction and transient propensities (among other factors). Changing jobs is one of the ways to get raises, transferable skills, and to increase one’s network.

There are a few good reasons to use these new tools. Jessica Miller-Merrell wrote about this last month, and during our conversation on this week’s show she shares how job seekers should consider using Blab or Periscope during a job search.

1. It is a chance to display transferable skills

I have seen people use Periscope to live stream performances, training, speeches, workshops, or sporting events. Even if you were giving a speech at Toastmasters, it shows your ability to speak, train, and show some personality. You give hiring managers and recruiters an image that could place you in a role for their company.

2. It shows you can think your feet and act appropriately

Last week, I saw a Periscope of a colleague who had some troll come on her Periscope show with an inappropriate request. She was annoyed with the participant but with great smoothness she simply blocked him! She did not react or freak out by his unreasonable request as she continued delivering value to her audience. Who wouldn’t consider hiring or doing business with someone who displays such exemplary temperance?

3. It connects you with hiring managers, recruiters, and even potential employers

During our conversation, Miller-Merrell told me that video “…is a different way to connect with a hiring manager or a recruiter.” There is nothing more important than networking or interviewing a person you’re familiar with, even if it just a little bit. Most people use their first attempt to introduce themselves and bring a little personality. That is a powerful moment as I have said for the last few years that companies cannot train great personalities, so if you have one, it is the first great asset you offer an employer.

4. It’s a way to prepare for video interviewing

Miller-Merrell also stated that “…video interviewing is popular, and that means we need to be comfortable with ourselves in front of the camera, so we don’t seem so robotic and awkward.” One could make the argument that YouTube does the same thing, but having tried Periscope, YouTube doesn’t prepare you for the interaction that Blab or Periscope provides. If you blow a video interview, consequentially stifles your chances to advance in the interview process.

5. More equity in your personal brand

As you contribute to your online presence with a mantra of the day or responding to a request for tips and advice, it increases your marketability and likability. Getting to know, like, and trust you is key to building your network, credibility, and promotability. People may refer you because they saw your content and like your show.

Blab or Periscope is not for everyone, but it requires little tech know how. As Miller-Merrell mentioned that in the day of video interviewing and the power of personal branding you’re missing opportunities. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, using these tools are a way to practice and improve your camera presence. If you didn’t know, once you finish a Blab video you will receive an email with a link and embed code. The link you can share with your network, and the embed code to put on your website.

I like both as I plan to use Blab for a few video versions of the podcast this fall. I have already recorded two Periscope shows as I plan to record a few more this month. During the Periscope shows, I plan to give away some books you can use as a career management resource. Follow me on Twitter @MarkADyson for the dates and times.

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