Hey guys, this is my first story on Medium so if you don’t mind I’d like to jump in with a fresh perspective. First of all though, I really appreciate being able to talk about such an exciting philosophical topic and I believe that this article (and commentary) may be of great value to a lot of people in the blockchain technology community. Disclaimer: I am creative, not technical.

When talking about bringing objectivity to predicting which tribes are superior in order to determine the best leaders in epistemic communities. It is my understanding that leaders in general are the ones in charge of leading their troops on specific missions. The tribes’ ultimate goals are to achieve spirited missions and then create new, ever-increasing goals to obtain once the missions have been completed. Tribes are struggling every single day to make progress on their goals. It is the responsibility of tribe leaders to channel the physical, mental and spiritual energies of every individual within the organization. Everyday different energies come with each individual and it’s the leaders job to direct that energy for the overall productivity of the organization. How could you possibly predict the energies of everyone in the organization with a computer? That would be a crazy derivative to figure out with all the variables that come with daily life struggles and occurrences of a large group of people. Is it possible to measure an individual’s energy objectively? Quantitatively maybe someday, but qualitatively I’d argue you could.

Creating a new niche job need in the marketplace of value creation:

Hire an expert in leadership-success to converse with all leaders and organizational participants and ask them to provide a detailed analysis of what they notice as common trends within the tribe. Their expertise will surely produce amazing feedback and hopefully ways to improve overall performance of the tribe…that is if the passion for the organization’s concept is still active within the tribe. If the passion and persistence is not there after a determined period of time then you might as well start over. Obviously, the product/service must fill a desired need for a target audience. So this expert in systems management will report on a regular basis how the leadership group of the tribes are improving their overall productivity. When I say productivity it all comes down to scoring revenue generation and growth of ROI. And some would argue the growth of social media connections as well as satisfaction of the customer and the tribe’s participants that continue to follow through on the mission. I’d like to see some more qualitative feedback within organizations such as: how well does a team/community communicate? What types of personalities make up these tribes and it’s leadership? How many innovative ideas do community members share with the rest of the community? Are they holding back ideas that could help the overall mission?

During managerial reviews or regular check-ins have everybody in the organization to provide their viewpoints in a 1-on-1 session with a moderator that produces reports of articulated descriptions of the organization.

I think it comes down to scoring with both qualitative and quantitative observations. Yes, you can invent prediction models to more accurately predict which tribes will most likely succeed in their mission, but I’d rather look at the qualitative descriptions of a group in order to actually see the progress of improvement.

On another note… decentralized autonomous organizations no doubt have the potential to change government systems and processes. All starting with full transparency using blockchain to record every event within the government that occurs. Include all documents, meeting notes, decisions made and questions that were answered and agreed upon. More questions should be asked by citizens and more questions should be publicly answered by politicians as if to communicate to the public their stance on each event and actions that are decided upon. They need to be excellent translators of policy and implications regarding the potential affects that new changes will make. From my current position, most politicians DO NOT communicate with entire communities very well. And that’s a shame to their role in politics.

Lastly, another job created will be called let’s just say “Articulate of Stakeholder Viewpoints” in which they will bring to the forefront the diverse philosophies and opinions of voters who are unable to communicate their perspectives. Many citizen voters feel hopeless or often misunderstood in their political perspectives and this leads to anger and frustration. That is why people are so raunchy online is because they have been badly hurt by the government (bad feelings) in the past. And they’ve heard terrifying true stories which only makes it worse.

My proposition is to teach citizens (birth to death) how to communicate properly online and in-person. How do we direct the behavior of online citizens? According to many psychologists, they would say reward people for good behavior. Associate good behavior with good feelings and they will learn to be more rational online. It starts as an infant and goes throughout the growing up years where instead of influencing behavior with regulation and punishment let’s incentivize for good behavior of individuals and groups. Don’t send people to jail where he will become even more isolated rather teach him to behave properly by dispersing rewards for good behaviors. How do we do that? We tokenize the educational systems within public and private schooling institutions. Imagine, each school has their own cryptocurrency token asset where each student has their own front and back-end profile with all school functions built into the platform. Students and teachers buy things from the school like required psychology visits, lunch and bathroom breaks, etc. using their tokens. They can’t cash out their assets until they graduate though. Parents and community members can contribute to the token sales which show their support for their favorite school(s). So the answer is let’s start over with the younger generations and teach them how to behave properly beginning at birth and throughout their growing up years. Let’s teach them early with the use of incentives and maybe they will become influencers of people older than them because they have higher moral standards. The ignorant people that negatively utilize the internet will eventually decrease because the entire population is being guided by responsible leaders. And entire tribes are now being more accurately informed and educated by more credible, knowledgeable sources. And the toxic people of the past will die off before we know it.

Long live FREEDOM!

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