Mark Adams Sozo

Mark Adams — Co-founder, President, and CEO of SOZO Global, Inc. — owns interest in dozens of small, privately held startups. However, he makes sure everyone who works at his companies is an owner along with him. Previously, Mark Adams was the Co-founder, President, and CEO of Advocate MD (then the third largest medical liability insurer in Texas) before it was purchased by The Doctors Company in 2009. Mark Adams insisted that everyone, all the way down to the receptionist, owned part of the company.

The culture at Advocate reflected the “Ownership Mentality” Mark Adams cultivated, and this culture is being replicated in his latest Austin, TX based startup SOZO Global.

SOZO Global was founded by Mark Adams and his two partners in 2009 after Advocate MD joined The Doctors Company conglomerate.

Mark Adams rode the wave of success into a new industry with new possibilities for growth and transformation. Like Advocate MD, everyone at SOZO Global is a part-owner of the company, including the customer service team.

Mark Adams’ insistence that everyone have a stake in the organization they are working for has developed a convicted, passionate, hardworking culture that positioned SOZO Global to lead the industry in product excellence, Distributor training, and collaborative technologies. In a way, the entire SOZO Global team is working for themselves. Options weren’t an option when it came to ownership. Instead, Mark Adams includes SOZO Global ownership in each employee’s compensation automatically.

SOZO Global, like Advocate MD, is able to outperform its competition in part because of its team of highly motivated, highly capable individuals who work for their customers, each other, and themselves.