Uncertainty Or Status Quo?

Americans Have To Face the Same Choice As Britain

This morning Britain is living in a very uncertain state. The pound is falling and their Prime Minister has resigned. But what Britain is certain of today is that things are going to change.

In contrast, Americans woke up this morning certain about a lot of things:

- We are 20 Trillion dollars in debt.

- Our government spends more than 30% of what it takes in.

- We have failing schools.

- Our Veterans are not cared for after honorably serving our country.

- We have unsafe drinking water in some of our states.

- Many bridges across our nation are being traveled over but are graded unsafe to do so.

All because the elected officials we have in office — and who have been in office for years — are not changing the state of play.

And like the Brits, Americans are now willing to try anything else and face the uncertainty of a candidate like Donald Trump — where the future is unwritten — because we are certain that what we are currently dealing with is crap.

Do we want the certainty of a Hillary Clinton candidacy — a woman who has spent her entire adult life creating that government? Or do we want the uncertainty of a Donald Trump? Great Britain voted for uncertainty. Will America choose an AmeriExit to try to disrupt the certainty of the government we have today?

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