Thoughts 4/2/17

Embraced all the adversity I’ve been through and will continue to embrace it. Moulded by it.

Overcoming is the norm, was built for this. Used to starving and finding a way. Well equipped to deal with the challenges ahead as it’s a normal process, struggle, persevere, overcome.

Adversity is such an advantage when you see it’s position. The ones who don’t have to chase every meal are not conditioned for the challenges ahead. The come up and struggles are a usual thing when constantly faced with adversity, you are hungrier to succeed because you have starved for so long. An underdog always rises because of the complacency that comes with success and comfort. Learn from the king of the jungle. A Lion is the king but still goes out and hunts for his meals. Never has his meals provided for him because that brings a level of complacency and opportunity for others who are constantly overcoming their challenges to rise up.

When you are so used to facing challenges, even in a position of power the challenges just present themselves in a different way. The most complacent position is the top, its not difficult getting to the top, it is hard staying there. You must see the top as a vulnerable and be even more hungry to stay at the top than you were aspiring to be at the top. An underdog always rises, the top spot is a great source of inspiration until you get there. But there are the greats that think of legacy over the top spot, legacy is long term, currrency is short term. When legacy is the aim then top spot in a moment is not enough. When you have come from adversity, from nobody the will to become more than just something current is so strong. Adversity can birth great things.