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I think it’s a product of several things:

  1. The blind pursuit of revenue growth has been at the expense of everything else; player safety, quality of games, when the games are shown, etc.
  2. Bad press from the concussion problem, players causing trouble, the national anthem deal. On a related note, I think this gets worse before it gets better. There could be a labor stoppage during the next CBA and I also feel like there is an enormous PED problem lying beneath the surface that will eventually get out. And if it’s learned that the league knew people were blatantly using PEDs while at the same time hiding the concussion problem, it will make the baseball steroid-home run story seem like nothing.
  3. Cord cutting & greater TV options. You can basically watch anything, at any time now. If the Dolphins-Jaguars game doesn’t interest you, you can watch something on netflix, hulu, HBO Now, or whatever.
  4. On a personal level, I am from St Louis and the way the NFL treated St Louis during this Rams departure was disgusting.
  5. Arrogance. Any organization that starts to think it’s invincible will start to make bad decisions, just because they can. The owners and the league office seems like a group of very unlikable people