First Periscope “broadcast”

A couple of days ago, I signed up for Periscope on the advice of a friend that works at Twitter. Good call!

This morning, I had some time to kill as I drove home from Encinitas CA to Aliso Viejo. I had just had breakfast with an old friend and client…we talked about Periscope and how it might change the future.

On a whim, I did my first Periscope Broadcast (Pericast?) For 53 minutes I talked, rambled and ranted with no goal other than to see how I felt sharing my drive home with the world.

The long and short? It was fun, enlivening and I alternated between feeling empowered, self-conconcious, responsible, self-indulgent and happy. I was driving by myself, but it seemed like I had the world as a companion. For those that know me, this is not something that I lust after…I’m a very private person.

The camera faced out towards the road for the majority of the trip. Occasionally, I turned it towards myself. Not sure if that was good or bad etiquette. As I neared my home, I realized the trip seemed shorter than usual and I was happy for the experience.

I realized it might be best to end the session without showing exactly where I live, so I hurriedly ended the broadcast. I don’t even remember whether I said goodbye. I’m not even sure if I should.

To my surprise, two people had watched from some unknown location for some unknown duration and reason. I felt better that the number of viewers wasn’t zero, but took no pride in what I said or showed. It was just a first attempt.

I made a mental note to do one per day for 30 days. I’ll write another post when I have more to say. @markcofano.

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