My mom plus 999 other COVID-19 victims in the NY Times

Fourth column, above the fold. She would’ve loved that. Especially since she was always a New York girl at heart.

Alice Coopersmith Furst passed away from complications of COVID-19 a few weeks ago. She was 87. She lived a great life, but recently had been in declining health and was definitely at risk. She succumbed quickly and peacefully. No messing around, that COVID. And fortunately no long drawn out battle. She is in a better place, looking down and smiling at all of us, with that special “Alice twinkle” in her eyes.

Alice was one of 1,000 victims of COVID…

For the past 30 years I’ve pursued the answer to the question: “What distinguishes the best entrepreneurs and innovators from the rest of us?”

I’ve done this as a startup entrepreneur in Silicon Valley (Google owns a startup e-commerce company I led) and as a corporate entrepreneur launching and building new businesses globally for enterprises such as Sony.

Whatever your political orientation or where you are in the world, 2017 in the USA has certainly gotten off to a tumultuous and interesting start. Since the election of Donald Trump, almost every executive, entrepreneur, official and policy group I’ve met with has asked my view on the business and economic implications of the new administration. Now that we have experienced a month of near-non-stop chaos and activity in Washington since our new President took office, one thing seems clear: 2017 looks to be a year filled with uncertainty, disruption and change (either that, or total gridlock). …

Mark Coopersmith

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, teacher of innovation & entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley & globally. Drive innovation & growth with my book The Other F Word.

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