An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Shared this story with an HR Professional and a Psychologist friend. Should be an obvious and standard protocol (and everyone’s made mistakes) but it’s good advice to think before you post. But it seems the lessons one learns in their twenties are better understood later in life:

  1. The world and society in general can have minimal empathy no matter what your circumstances are and you’re owed little or next to nothing in spite of what family, friends, books or your immediate sphere of infulence may say.
  2. Publicly criticising, reprimanding or shaming a CEO, Manager or current Employer seldom works out in anyone’s favor. Ever.
  3. Net never forgets. Will future Employers see you as unemployable after this? Hiring Managers and Recruiters look at and monitor online activity regularly. “What can this person bring to the team?” And seeing you made this post only after a short time at your position I can see Hiring Managers or Recruiters saying PASS! NEXT!
  4. Unemployment will be A LOT MORE STRESSFUL than what you described in your post about making ends meet.
  5. Eviction notices will give you more reason to cry in your bathtub. You’ve now put yourself into the even more difficult situation of trying to pay your unaffordable rent without a job. Landlords and property management companies have little patience or sympathy.
  6. Again. Net never forgets. Someone has decided to debunk your claims of “poverty” and your claim you have been eating “rice only” by posting a slew of your recent Instagram posts. Your feed looks like you have plenty of items to bake gourmet goodies. Hardly impoversished living from what you’ve posted.

Hard to muster sympathy or empathy esp. to donate to a Venmo account to help pay for your expenses. Better luck at your next gig. Hope it meets your creative standards and your income requirements.

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