Attention Dubliners: We are all being spied on by a little known company on Camden Street… and…
Youssef Sarhan

Fergal Ó Ceallaigh : Unless you are representing the company here, or are a developer breaking his NDA with them, that post of yours is pure conjecture. You have no idea what the system is doing, you have no access to the source code to verify that they’re not tracking or building profiles. We have no idea what they are doing, apart from their “scout’s honour” promise that they’re not shipping *images* back to HQ.

First off, you don’t need to send images back, they’re interested in the processed data and metadata; and secondly if you believe a company’s word like that without seeing any kind of actual technical investigation, then can I sell you some shares in WeVibe? They promise they’re not sending data back home as well.