Change happens under two conditions

Whenever I talk to someone and they tell me how much they hate something, my response is always the same…change it.

Relationships. Weight. Job. It’s always the same things I get from these people. It just always seems that these people, and the majority of people, are just stuck in their ways.

Everybody is capable of change. However, it takes a specific mindset in order to make a shift away from what has become the norm.

I read in a book a quote very similar to the one I am providing here.

Change happens under two conditions:

Increase the pain of the current situation.

Decrease the fear of the future, unknown situation.

A good friend of mine was just telling me about how much he hates his job. He described in detail his distaste for his current position, however…he remains. He needs the check. He has bills to pay.

And don’t get me wrong…I get it. I really do. I understand being strapped and needing to make money on a weekly or even daily basis just to be able to pay for gas to drive home that same night.

But for someone so emotionally distraught, I told him that quote before he walked into work. He repeated it to me as if it was registering in his brain, and I repeated it again to drive it home.

Change will only happen for my friend, as well as anyone else under these two circumstances. You are either going to become so fucking pissed off at your life and what is going on around you. Why are things like this for me? This sucks. This drive sucks. My coworkers suck. And then you are just going to have enough, put your foot down, walk out the front door of that now former place of employment, and go home to plot your plan for domination.

The other way is by decreasing the fear of the unknown situation. Fear is one tough bitch to overcome. The only way to do this is to gain knowledge on what it is that you’re afraid of so the situation goes from unknown to known. The more you know, the better off you are. Most people have a fear of public speaking. They are afraid of the reaction and response they will get from the audience. They are fearful of tripping up, making mistakes, and looking like a fool. This fear can be managed and dispelled by practice and becoming more comfortable with speaking in front of others a.k.a. gaining knowledge.

One of these days, my friend will stop going to his job. He’ll get to the point where the pain has increased to it’s threshold and is overflowing. Or he will become more comfortable with the fear of the unknown by looking into it more and realizing it’ll be okay.

He just found out that he won’t be getting his raise this February. He hit a deer the other day while driving one hour to a place he gets to regretfully call his second home.

The pain is certainly increasing for him. How much more do you need the pain to increase before you decide you’ve had enough?