Anzac Day

Mark J Attard
1 min readApr 24


Prayer by Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber #sarcasticluthern

Dear Power greater than thyself,

Power greater than my fears, greater than my hopes, greater than my limited understanding of life. We have set this day aside to remember.

We remember those who died IN war. Whose bravery was not enough to survive the battlefield.

We remember those who died FROM war. Whose bravery was not enough to survive the battlefields of their post traumatic minds.

Help us remember those trying to survive wars long past. Who no longer wear the uniform but still bear the scars seen and unseen.

Help us remember those who died FOR war.

Children and mothers, bakers and doctors and people just walking to the grocery store, whose civilian status was not enough to keep them safe from mortar shells and who do not have flags and parades in their honour.

May their memory be for blessing but may it also be for warning.

May their memory help us not forget the long, tangled cost of war and to see in our own human hearts all the very things that led them to die.


Lest we forget



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