Conjugal corruption

If you don’t believe reality television is the curse of the modern age, think again.

Another abomination has hit our screens in the form of Marriage at First Sight. I don’t know the premise of the program because I haven’t watched an episode but I guess it is about participants being matched and married in the space of a single night’s viewing.

The show achieved infamy last week when the just-married Lauren absconded soon after the nuptials. Producers tracked her down and forced her to confront her husband Andrew. He declared the marriage was over even before the papers reached the registry.

Of course this isn’t the first reality tv show to deal with marriage, Big Fat Gypsy weddings, Don’t Tell the Bride, Bridezilla and the tawdry list goes on. Society is obsessed with debasing this institution and grubby tv producers cash in on this sick sport.

Gay people must despair at the way straight people treat marriage.