Distractions this Summer

Mark J Attard
Dec 31, 2019 · 2 min read
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Photo courtesy of espncricinfo.com

What distracts you during the Summer holiday season?

I found this in Paul Kelly’s book “How to make Gravy

“….I get less anxious now. Instead watching cricket is a way of switching off from the cares of life – debt, death, marriage and children, work, reputation – to concentrate intently on little things : why the bowler has changed from over the wicket to around; why silly short leg has dropped back to square; whether the out-of-form opener, scratching for runs, will be able to get his flow going; the danger developing for the left-handed batsmen in the ever-deepening rough made by the bowler’s footmarks at the other end, and the other pressing issues.

There are always numbers to ponder too -runs per over, runs by each batsman per ball, wickets in hand, the bowlers’ averages, the number of overs until a new ball can be taken, previous records, the time left in the match and the timing of the declaration. I’ve heard of a Chinese folk belief that we have a certain number of days allotted to us in our lives but any time spent fishing doesn’t count. It’s an appealing notion, the idea that some activities are outside time. Watching or playing cricket’s like that for me.”

Folk belief or not, it is widely accepted that healthy distractions do extend your life.

This is my first blog after a long hiatus, sorry …and my last for the year and the decade.

Wishing my readers a safe and restful break!

Until next year…..

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