In memoriam – Sarah

Today marks the 24th anniversary of our baby daughter’s passing.

The Koreans have a saying

When a parent dies you bury them in the ground.

When a child dies you bury them in your heart.

Sarah will always be with us.

On the occasions I attend Church, I light two candles. One for my uncle and friend Vincent who died age 38. And one for our daughter Sarah who passed away at 8 months.

The candles are long thin tapers and normally burn for 1 hour before they are extinguished in the sand in which they stand.

More recently I have been placing the two candles closely together so that they touch each other and burn with one flame. The flame is large and radiant. It burns with a fierce intensity. The flame is brighter than any other flame.

Of course, this means the candles burn down to the sand in 5 minutes instead of one hour.

How fitting.