The tale of the missing vegetable peeler….

Be careful how you answer your parents

My wife was upset recently when we couldn’t find the “good” vegetable peeler in the kitchen drawer where it is kept. The drawer has a number of peelers but none of them peel vegetables with the reliability and certainty of the “good” peeler.

An investigation of the family and friends will shortly be conducted in respect of the missing peeler. Beware!

In the meantime my wife has bought 2 new peelers. When asked by our youngest son why it was necessary to buy two peelers, he was informed that the quality of peelers is never guaranteed.

Sometimes you get a good peeler, other times you get a bad peeler. Hopefully with two peelers one of them will turn out to be a good peeler”

When my son sniggered at the waste of such a purchase I replied;

Don’t scoff son, remember that your mother and I had 4 children in the hope that at least two of you would become worthwhile citizens, but to date we cannot be sure if we have succeeded.”

Need I say more.