Wanna buy a bulletproof jacket?

Meet the Armani of Armour

The summer edition of Smith Journal features an article on Miguel Cabellero, aka the Armani of Armour.

While studying business in the 1990s, Cabellero wondered if he could develop bulletproof clothing. This was at a time when Cabellero’s Colombia was in the ravages of street wars and a bloody struggle over the country’s lucrative drug trade.

His first creation was a bulletproof jacket that weighed about seven kilograms. He started small, making a handful of items but the turning point came when he began making his own bulletproof materials.

Today, he produces bulletproof Kurtas for Indians, Middle Eastern thawbs, Catholic vestments and bulletproof kimonos. It is rumoured that President Obama wore one of his jackets during his 2009 inauguration.

His newest challenge is producing bulletproof clothing for children. Children don’t have a lot of muscle mass, so the clothing has to absorb more energy from the ammunition.

Cabellero’s key to success is his selling technique. He shoots his customers to demonstrate the reliability of his clothing. The “shooting” must be arranged carefully. He always positions his pistol 30 centimetres from his target, so he can’t miss. He also aims at organs that people have two of. The demonstration has never gone wrong.

Smith Journal is recommended reading.