Another Day another update

This one’s coming a bit early: Been up since 4:30 A.M. and left home at 5' ish. I’m trying to figure out the cheapest way to commute to LA from 36 miles away while dealing with a sleeping disability that requires an individual to get 10hrs of sleep per day. In any case this will be a good problem to solve.

Now — On with todays update:

Yesterday started out with learning about the DOM: Document Object Model. And the DOM is an considered an Object on the internet. It can also be thought up of as a family tree consisting of various parts. Think of HTML as the great,great, great grandfather, then branching off to Head and Body. Branching off from the Head will be the Title tag and branching off from the Body will be the Paragraph tag and so on and so forth.

Oh! Also learned some interesting shortcuts in Sublime (I’m using a mac): Command + T opens up a search option to find files. Also Sublime can auto complete elements by typing in a word and pressing Tab. Which makes for some speedy coding! Also Command + / leaves a comment in HTML. Then // leaves a comment in CSS. Another tip: to run code in the terminal type in node.filename. I also know I need to get better at commenting my code in CSS when making a website. This would add to better readability and organization. We also did several exercises in javascript that involved using Arrays and different methods dealing with the data. I’m still trying to get a grip on functions and will be reviewing a ton of work over the weekend. Another aspect we learned is you can make class in functions and those are called function constructors or constructor functions??? And the definition of a Sub Routine is that it is procedural programming. An example is using Waking Up as the title of the list then below it are steps such as hitting the snooze button (which would run on a loop. =p) Then taking shower, brushing teeth, eating breakfast. etc etc.

Unfortunately I feel super behind as we learn new material everyday and I am unable to complete the labs and exercises due to my condition. If there are any other individuals who are in the tech industry dealing with a sleeping disability give me a holler! I would love to hear your tips and tricks! Maybe one of you have a time machine!??

This will be all for now: Oh except I will share some useful links that were suggested for us to check out: