It’s nothing

Ughhh…This week I face so many circumstances in my academics and friends. In my academics we should pass all our performance task in a specific date and I dont know if I can do that. Really don’t know what to do. But in despite of my sadness there was a happy side to when we learn much on school that give us knowledge.

The second problem that I have was I have a bestfriend almost 1 and a half year we are super close to each other but… in unexpected she didn’t talk to me, she didn’t go fun with me ☹. But it’s okay because my other friends was their for me specially nikka I thank her becauae all the time that I need help she was always there for me. Even I do a lot of bad things in her, she always help me.

The first time that my bestfriend didn’t talk to me was on friday. I thought it was coincendince because we do a lot things on that day and on saturday my friends watch the championship of basketball and I see her on the court even we are close to each other she didn’t talk to me for the second time, I feel sad and I don’t kanow what to do.

This week tells me that not all things that you have will in you forever. Take the time wisely and don’t abuse the things that in you because time will come that it will gone.

(From bestfriend to acquaintance)

Miss Khris Marie B. San Diego

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