My 1st and 2nd week of school

My first week wasn’t bad even I got disappointed because I thought we will going to have a two section. But it’s okay because we are having fun in our learnings and in just one week I learn a lot about my subjects. And I thought we will having a many new student but it’s not.

On my second week of school I feel nervous because our lesson become difficult every chapter. I meet many great new teachers but some of my teacher last year was not my teacher this year but it’s okay because I learn many things about my new teachers even it was only our second week.

On Thursday we play basketball with my friends in St.Dominic court on C-5. We all enjoy and we are so very tired. When I got home I directly go to my bed and sleep. I forgot that we have an assignment so when I was in school on friday morning I copy the assignment of my classmates even i know it was bad.

After the dismissal on friday we thought that the tryout for basketball is 3:00 pm but it was cancelled so, We plan to play basketball on Villia Park but there were guys who’s playing. So we decided to play in St.Dominic again. While we are playing I had a muscle crumps. I almost cried because of the pain but I endure all the pain because my classmate will bully me.

My first and second week of school was great because I encounter many things about my teacher classmates and other people in school. I was excited on my third week and other day of school.

Miss Khris Marie B. San Diego