13 Ghost Stories in 13 Days

They said not to do it.

“Thirteen ghost stories in 13 days?” they asked. “You’ll become haunted.”

They were right, of course. I woke up last Thursday night convinced that some malevolent force had latched onto to me while I walked the cemetery for inspiration earlier that day.

This project was to write 13 Ghost Stories in 13 nights leading up to Halloween. The only rule was that they had to be started, finished, and posted all in the same night I started them.

The unlucky 13 have been collected, along with some author commentary, below. Enjoy… if you dare.

Day 1 The Ghost’s Girlfriend

To me, the story of America is the story of a lonely guy who picks up a mysterious stranger one night and lets her borrow his jacket, only to find out she died 50 years ago that very night.

Day 2 The Girl with the Puka Shell Necklace

I find this story important because it takes the age-old question of “What if the girl in the classic story ‘The Green Ribbon,’ was actually wearing a puka shell necklace?”

Day 3 The Time I Went to the Old Church Later Than I Should Have

Three days in, I was already experiencing writer’s block. I went for a walk, saw a creepy old church, took a picture of it, and wrote a story based on the picture.

Day 4 Ride Scare

I took an Uber pool to the haunted prison earlier that day.

Day 5 Miranda, Who Appears as a Portent of Death

When I was younger, I had this book “Ghost Stories of the American Southwest,” that I read like every day. My favorite was a story about a woman who appears late at night as a warning to people who are out later than they should be. I always thought that would be a cool job.

Day 6 A Halloween Carol

There were a couple of ideas that I thought were funny: “Netflix and Kill”; a Snapchat that steals your soul; Tinder, but for Frankensteins that weren’t enough to sustain a full story. So I wrote them into this weird one about a writer out of ideas.

Day 7 El Mariachi de los Muertos

When I was a kid, I made three Day of the Dead mariachi skeletons for a Spanish project. This is their story.

Day 8 Death on Demand

Like Uber, but for souls.

Day 9 The Ballad of the Cursed Mudville Maroons

The Cubs are in the World Series, so I wrote about a cursed baseball team.

Day 10 Officer Mac’s Last Day

I wanted to write a story about a young cop who insists they’re having a monster mash inside a creepy old house, but his partner won’t believe him.

Day 11 Chad vs. The Genie

I went for a walk and noticed a Persian restaurant that I could swear wasn’t there before.

Day 12 Luigi’s Coins

This one is actually kind of creepy.

Day 13: Somewhere, Beyond the C

This is a gritty reboot of Freaky Friday.