Birds of a feather evolve to flock together

Can evolution occur that quickly?

With humans, we have only existed in numbers which might allow for crowd-like conditions of this magnitude for the past two hundred years. We hit the first one billion humans in 1804. When I was born in 1958, there were still only 2.7 billion individuals. Within my life span, humans have added another almost 4.8 billion human lives.

Certainly, a murmuration of starlings is something to behold, and the picture you are using at the top of your piece is breathtaking. But it is also sad to accept that the more humans there are on the planet, the less room or opportunity for other species to grow to such numbers that they can evolve such unique skills.

I look at the flow of humans, say of the pilgrims on their Hajj in Mecca as they circle around the Ka’aba, butI do not see the same grace as found with other species. I mean no offence to those observing the Islamic rites of the Hajj, but I can think of no other human ritual involving so many individuals moving in tandem at the same time.

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