While I agree everything you say in this essay is true, Emma, I think you’re cutting men way too…
Jack Preston King

The point has been made by others. Capital punishment is not a deterrent. It is not even a deterrent to murder. And when you consider that pick pocketing used to be a capital offense, when they held the hanging in public, the remaining pick pocketers were more than likely to be found in the audience having a field day.

Rape has little or nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with power dynamics. Men who have been taught by their environment to disrespect women or who come from a genetic line of rapists, predisposed to act on impulse, to focus their rage about the inadequacies of their life on whatever woman happens to be unfortunate enough to be at hand. It is probably in the same category as pedophilia, that a rapist cannot be easily cured, just controlled.

I agree with the author, that focus should be on helping the women heal. Shame the guilty party, not the woman. And shift the onus to the perpetrator to prove it was NOT rape.

The reality is that men still control the system. Change won’t happen easily or overnight. Changing the public perception of rape, and placing a responsibility on parents to teach their little darling boys that rape is not acceptable, would be a good start.

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