The Cruise

Mark Baker
Jul 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Joey had wanted to drive this road for ages. The guys at work had recommended it. There were plenty of twists and turns, with nice views off the coast for those who dared to look from the heights reached by the coastal road.

Lauren had agreed to go with him. She always loved going for a drive. Spending time with Joey made it even better. After all these years of dating, she’d stuck with him. Her previous boyfriends had all been and gone as if through a spinning door, in one week and gone the next. Joey was still around, though. Something was different this time.

Joey felt happy with Lauren, never feeling the need to hide himself from her. It felt odd. He wasn’t used to the feeling, having been hurt by many women before. The barriers, merely coping mechanisms, seemed superfluous now.

They’d never experienced the lookout being this windy before. The cold gnawed at them, Joeys bright orange beanie helping keep Lauren warm. It had the most spectacular views of the coast, the street lights in the far distance shimmering in the wind. It was gorgeous.

Written by

Aspiring writer and photographer

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