The Secret of Productive People

We all wish to be successful, get rewards for our job, receive compliments, things for which, in first place, we need to be productive. Being productive means to accomplish things. Some manage it in less time, other … a bit longer, or much longer.

According to the experts, the key roll in being productive are the people’s habits.

The productive people make lists, use productive reminders and apps to keep track of their progress and to feel the triumph of productivity at the end of the day.

What`s important is to evaluate the realistic time you need to consume to finish one activity, taking into account the possible interruptions and breaks.

During their process of fulfilling the tasks, these people upgrade their competences, since they learn something new with each new task, and what`s more important, they embrace this new knowledge.

Yet, on the path of accomplishing the errands they face obstacles, for which they are ready to come up with a solution, which clearly means that they can make mistakes as well, but as it has been said, from the mistakes people learn best.

According to me, the most vital key of productivity is to shut down yourself from the virtual world. While you are at work, school, college or in the middle of accomplishing your task, it is very wise to put aside all of the social media or at least try to limit yourself checking them. By each click of the button like, re-tweet, comment on a pic, you loose the flow of your thoughts and it is harder to get back on the track and collect your thoughts back. But, if you want to be productive at the end of the day, you need to learn how to keep your thoughts under control, no matter if you had a break, interrupted or checked your facebook messages.

At the end of day, don`t stress yourself for what you have not done, but be happy for what you have been able to accomplish and feel pleased for that, sleep better, wake up the next morning with no regret and energized for the new challenges that your day has set for you.

So, which habits would you like to cultivate? ☺

Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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