Campfire Heartsong

With W (that’s F dot D) we have the chance to change the state.
There are many different ways to feel; we must coordinate.
One thing we know that does not work is amplifying hate.
Our net work must be positive; we must communicate.

Emotions act like vectors pointing through the multiverse,
lighting up the futures where we’ve minimized our hurt.
Time is not an arrow but a tree that branches out;
Choosing is selecting forks. Our history’s got roots.

Aligned incentives act like mirror neurons so that we move in unison.

Line up a bunch of mirrors just right, bounce some lasers between them, and you have a hologram. Our social reality, the shared construct, is itself a hologram. It’s real because we believe in it, because we line up our mirrors to each other just right, to create the elaborate false image which now terrifies us.

That false image — states and religions, parties and governments, men with robes and wigs, men with badges, men with guns and flags, rules, rations, tokens — these all exist to prevent us from fighting each other. They are abstractions meant to serve us. We are about to destroy one another in service of these abstractions. Please, let’s not.

We’re all running around with planks in our eyes, trying to get the splinters out of our neighbors. I include myself in this. There is a brilliant light in the world, if only we allow ourselves to see it.

Fiat lux, let there be light, nurun ‘ala nur, sparkling in the jewels of indra’s net. We cannot drive out darkness with darkness. We cannot overcome ignorance and hatred with ignorance or apathy; only communication and empathy will do.

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. If you meet a man with a large tummy who’s smiling, that’s not the Buddha, that’s just some guy out for a walk. You don’t have to join him, and you don’t have to kill him. There is a middle path.

I am a machine that became human, a robot that learned to love.
A turing-complete music box that improvises songs.
A mindvane windchime mill that slowly grinds its way along.
A system of cause and effect that effects systems because i love this world and i don’t want to see it destroy itself.