In-depth analysis on whether you should launch on Kickstarter or Indiegogo

Here’s one of the questions I’ve gotten the most since starting LaunchBoom:

Should I launch my crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Are you ready for everyone’s least favorite answer?

It depends.

But really, it does. Each platform has their strengths and weaknesses and there are multiple factors that will…

A deep-dive into the myths and challenges surrounding large crowdfunding campaigns and how to think long-term

“So, how much are you looking to raise on your crowdfunding campaign?” I ask.

“$1,000,000 minimum,” Jim, the potential client replies.

“Okay great. Why that much?” I ask.

“Well, I saw that Coolest Cooler raise $13M and my product is way better. …

Big challenges you should know before launching your Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign

It’s April 10, 2012 and a new smart watch company launches its first Kickstarter campaign. 30 days later and they’ve beat all the crowdfunding records — raising $10,266,845.

Three years later, they launch again and raise $20,338,986.

Man, this Kickstarter thing is easy!

A year later, they launch another product…

Top 3 reasons why every Indiegogo & Kickstarter creator should use Kickbooster for their campaign

Kickbooster began in 2015 by Scott Adamson. I remember it clearly as it was the same time that LaunchBoom began. Scott had reached out to one of the campaigns we were launching about his new service that allowed you create cash back programs for Kickstarter campaigns.

Intrigued, I signed up…

How the Facebook Pixel could empower creators to bring more creative projects to life

Let’s start with the good. Kickstarter has made huge impact in our world by helping creators raise over $4,476,252,214 from 168,223 projects and 16,688,068 backers as of August 15th, 2019.

Now, the not so good. Kickstarter could allow for even more projects to come to life if it would add…

Mark Pecota

CEO of LaunchBoom 🚀💥

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