I've got to admit, we were a tad nervous. We were no strangers to CocoaHeads meetups, but organising one is a whole new ball game. Because we wanted to create the best meetup CocoaHeads had ever seen, we pulled out all the stops.

Right across the hall from the Awkward headquarters, we found a beautiful place that was just right for our needs. Enough space, presenting materials and a balcony to place our barbecue. Oh yes, we weren't trying to send our guests home on an empty stomach! And we were lucky. We were truly blessed by the weather gods. We had seen lots of rain come down the day before, but the weather report said blue skies and sunshine. Perfect barbecue weather and one less worry.

Just before the opening of our doors, our caterer brought in some amazing meals and cold drinks. Right on time. The first guests were slowly exploring the view over the Lekhaven and our presenter Matthijs Hollemans - one of the founding members of the Ray Wenderlich tutorial team - had just walked through the door. I actually started to believe we could pull this off without any trouble along the way.

And luckily we did. Matthijs had given a great and topical presentation about Mixins and Traits in Swift 2.0 and we invited our visitors to take a tour in the offices of Awkward. And of course that included some foosball matches. We're not called Awkward for nothing. After the sun went down and the evening slowly faded into night, our guests faded as well. I realised then that although we did everything to make this evening a success, it was our guests who actually made it happen.

Until next time.

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