Name Your Perspective
Tom Barrett

A great practice to get into Tom. I would add that I find there are many additional benefits to school culture and teacher pedagogy when you are holding a more flexible lens. The first is that you build in empathy to your decision making by considering the impact of choice/change. While it is easiest to consider this empathy in terms of the individual, it can also be equally important with regard to systems – decisions have people behind them ultimately and considering their perspectives humanizes priorities. Second, a flexible focus forces us to be intentionally predictive in our work, to imagine the outcomes and our responses/interventions to what may happen which in turn makes us better at adapting to student need. On a school and system level it allows us to set better goals and plan for school improvement more effectively. Third, and my personal favourite, zooming in and out gives us the ability to ask better questions because of our richer perspective – and great questions are the foundations of real student/teacher inquiry and of a true growth mindset.

As always Tom, I appreciate you sharing your thinking. Cheers.

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