Hopefully I can, one day, gain the perspective from the unassuming chair…I agree, what we currently…
Matthew R. Morris

I think you are well on your way. In my experience, the transition to admin is kind of like what people say about winning the lottery — it tends to magnify those things (both strengths and growth areas) that are part of who you are. In your writing at least (I hate to make generalizations, even good ones) you seem to really place value on the relational piece with your students — you will carry this with you. The nice thing about it is that there isn’t a cost or a resource or a policy that limits you, unlike so many other things you might want to take on. The best parts of my day are the interactions I have with kids, and I try to pack in as many as I can.

As you noted in your latest article on yelling at kids, our positions mean nothing — having a title earns you no respect and generates no motivation or engagement. It can perhaps sometimes create compliance, but I would rather a class full of kids who feel comfortable to push me and ask why than a room full of students who simply regurgitate my words and thinking. We can only teach if we connect, and we can only connect if we understand and build trusting relationships with our students.

Keep writing. I always look forward to your posts.

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