On Being a Parent and a Developer
Steve Kinney

I’m not a developer, but I am an elementary school principal, and so your thoughts resonated with me. We had our first child when I was in my first year of teaching, and I can recall naps at my desk at recess, forgetting my teacher partner’s name due to lack of sleep, wearing wrinkled shirts because I had forgotten to iron, and on and on. It was crazy; it was stressful; it was exhausting. It was also wonderful and made me a better person and a better teacher. You are never ‘ready’ and you never go down this road knowing what the ‘balance’ will or should be — you figure it out together as a family.

I also agree that teaching was particularly hard on the emotional side. The hardest part of the balance for me was maintaining the closeness and support with my spouse — I definitely experienced moments of emotional exhaustion where I wasn’t as connected as I should have been because I was pouring those resources into the needs of the children I worked with.

It was nice to hear a positive narrative that speaks to my experience with work and parenting. I find, too often lately, that making the choice to have a family is seen, somehow as accidental or as some kind of horrible inevitable compromise.

Family is joy. You can never have too much joy, right?

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