The Homework Check
Matthew R. Morris

One size fits all solutions are a horrible idea. It is ridiculous to say something like homework is totally bad or totally awesome. Context is key. You have a rationale for what you assign and based on what your students need you make a determination of what skills and practice are required. Don’t let people who don’t know your context dictate practice.

From what you have posted i believe you are also perceptive enough to your student’s needs to realize when practice serves a purpose and when it doesn’t.

I didn’t learn to hit jump shots by practicing once in a specific context. I learned by multiple opportunities to apply and extend in a variety of contexts — although i still can’t hit the 3 ball!

The real problem is doing things simply because “that’s the way we do things”, where our practice becomes sedentary and inflexible. Let the kids needs dictate the teacher moves. Your homework situation is rooted in that, and so it is good practice.

As always, thanks for sharing.

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